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May 19, 2015

Thank you for all that you do. Not just for my Mom, but for the Community. For my Mom this is a blessing from Heaven. She’s ill and that house was just making her sicker and she wouldn’t leave. Now I know she’s breathing clean air. Priceless! Thank you, the team, the city and everyone that made this possible. For those who do not recognize your efforts and reduce what you do to this being just a job, forgive them they don’t understand. In order for you to give of yourself to this degree is a directive from an office higher than City Hall. May God continue to bless you and keep you so that you can continue to bless others and others can see Christ through you!

All the best,

Vivian C.

July 14, 2014

My name is Mr. Ralph R. and I’m trying to make this a letter of gratitude for the work your company performed in building and completing the house I now reside in through the SETX Commission and its workers and the grace of God and Mr. Gassen and all of the people who put in the effort to speed along the project, I am truly thankful. No more cold nights, no more getting wet, and a place to cook, just total comfort. May God bless each and every one of you to the fullest, I pray that all the workers and the field personnel be safe. And to everybody I missed please pass on to them the way I feel about what they have done for me.


Mr. Ralph R.

July 7, 2014

I’m so glad that you and the company send someone who knew just what to do on the job for the people who really do need a real good home built by good workers. Because good workers are really hard to find for work on good homes. But I’m very pleased with their and all of my neighbors are happy to see me with a real good home where I line they all say the same thing about the workers job that, they are doing on the job….Everybody goes by and look at the work that they are doing on the job with the house. I thank God for you sending me some good people to do the work on the house. May the good Lord bless you and your family on the 4th of July and have a happy Holiday…I’m going to take real good care of my home. I’m going to enjoy every inch of it. So I will close at this time.

God Bless This Home,

Mrs. Victoria M.

November 18, 2013

Mr. Turner,

Just a note to say that it was great to meet you and learn that you are a generous man who loves to give to those in need. The experience at Mr. Vera’s home construction was a blessing.


Lillie D.

January 14, 2013

Dear Sheila and Kathryn,

On behalf of my father Michael A. and myself, thank you for your “rapid response”  (and I do mean that literally) to our concerns regarding my father’s status of repairs to the heat/furnaces at the above-stated addresses. Following our meeting Wednesday afternoon January 9, I followed up with Sheila on Friday, January 11, who assured me that this would now be handled properly, and she would follow up as to schedule. I received a call Friday afternoon to schedule a meeting for Saturday morning with a principal from J.W. Turner Construction.

On Saturday, January 12, Mr. J.W. Turner of J.W. Turner Construction personally met with my father and me at the properties and carefully assessed the issues, concerns and work done to date on the heating systems. Mr. Turner, “J.W.”, was thoughtful, thorough, concerned, professional and reassuring — especially to my 89 year old father.

“Mr. Turner, ‘J.W.’, was thoughtful, thorough, concerned,
professional and reassuring — especially to my 89 year old father.”

He also brought in Mr. Phil Cozzo who will now be resolving these repairs, and all of us discussed together. Mr. Cozzo seems extremely knowledgeable and seems to have done a thorough review of both the issues and solutions. Both Mr. Turner and Mr. Cozzo have provided phone contact information should we have any questions or concerns at any time. I will keep you posted on the progress, or if any questions/ concerns arise.

I have been advised that the work is approved and is underway. This was a far more expedited, thorough, professional and considerate response than I anticipated, and I am very grateful to all involved for taking the time and interest to help us resolve a situation that has been devastating to my dad, my family and 4 tenant families. Many have been reassured by your swift actions.
On behalf of all of us, to each of you, thank you.

Best regards,

Audrey A.