Post Disaster Recovery

Most natural disasters strike suddenly and leave behind shattered lives, homes and communities. JWTC responds to these times with compassion and a proven approach necessary to provide relief to those in despair.

Our Ability to Mobilize Quickly is Key

When an area is devastated by a natural disaster, having a contractor who is reliable, experienced and capable of rebuilding communities and homes quickly is important. Our experience is immeasurable and extensive. We have constructed a variety of different housing types over the years for CDBG disaster recovery programs and have an in depth understanding of the rules, requirements, and regulations as they pertain to program implementation and management.

We Offer Guidance During Difficult Times

We often work closely with State Governments and Program Managers on the Program Guidelines and implementation of projects across large geographic areas. During the rebuilding process, homeowners are often displaced and left wondering what to do. JWTC guides, informs and includes our customers during the entire rebuilding process.

Our Build Times are Second to None

Additionally, we maintain the fastest build times and quality rating for CDBG disaster recovery programs. These two characteristics enable our clients return to a structurally sound home in a short period of time.

Disaster Recovery Programs

FEMA Sheltering and Temporary Electric Power (STEP) Programs

The FEMA STEP Program is a program that focuses on repairing key elements in damaged homes in order to rapidly make affected single-family homes habitable and allow affected homeowners to return to and shelter within their home. This program is regarded as the best overall immediate temporary housing solution in a crisis environment. Implementation of a FEMA STEP program can reduce the demand for costly sheltering options, allowing affected individuals to return to their homes, protect their property, and begin the long process of recovery.

Long Term Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, and Elevation Programs (HUD CDBG)

JWTC has performed thousands of rehabilitations, elevations, and reconstructions in various disaster recovery programs that have been funded by HUD Community Development Block Grants. These programs provide grants to rehabilitate and reconstruction housing for disaster victims that experience damage from various natural disasters like Hurricanes Ike, Rita, Sandy, and the Bastrop Wildfires in Texas. Some homes in affected disaster areas are best restored through repair and elevation. Elevating a home allows the home to be repaired and raised above projected flood levels in an anticipated future flood event. These projects are individually awarded within each program and are required to be completed within a 90 day schedule.