City of Houston Home Makeover

The Bell family’s home was rehabbed in less than 2 weeks!

James W. Turner Construction was selected to perform rehabilitation services for the City of Houston’s Harvey Housing Construction and Repair Services Program. The Bell family’s home, located on Valley Club Drive in Houston, Texas, was the first rehabilitated home to be completed for the program.  Although a familiar setting for the Bell family, they are now experiencing their home in a new way following a big makeover. JWTC completed the rehabilitation project in less than 2 weeks from start to finish. The exterior of the home now has new siding, downspouts, windows, trim, exterior lights and a new front door. The interior also had significant repairs and upgrades completed to include, some new flooring, baseboards, doors, and paint.

We at James W. Turner Construction specializes in the recovery of residential homes affected by disasters. We understand that saving just one house can have a big impact not only for the homeowners but on the entire neighborhood. It can potentially have an impact on property values and reduce crime as well.